A frustrating day, but I am finding the positive

There is nothing more frustrating than designing the perfect dress in your mind and then going to pick up the final product and it is not how you have dreamed it would be!  I created the Elizabeth Anne for my god daughter's first birthday and had every detail in my mind perfect for the big occasion.  The only problem with designing is communicating to the dress maker those exact details.  Despite the muslin samples it's the detail that never turn out perfect.  The perfect ruffle around the neck, the perfect bow belt, the perfect details that make your dress uniquely yours.  These are the frustrating moments of designing.  So despite my perfect vision, the Elizabeth Anne will not be worn this weekend for Lily's first birthday.   It was suppose to be it's big debut.  I have this idea that when ever I attend an event I need to wear my own design and if I do not that I am cheating on my vision.  I'm sure one could sympathize with that.  

One day this beautiful dress will come to life.  The dress is a knee length, 3/4 length sleeve dress with a ruffle around the neck and sleeves and a big bow belt.  The dress will come in pink with green ruffles, navy with orange ruffles, yellow with white ruffles, and aqua with red ruffles.  I am sooo excited to bring my creation to life and finally have it for complete.  Until then I am practicing deep breathing and I will be envisioning this!!!

I took this pic several years ago and continue to refer to it when I need to find my sense of peace!  This dress doesn't have to be perfect today, just someday! Right?????? 


  1. Dont worry! You will get it right eventually! It will all work out!

  2. I am sorry to hear this and wish it would be ready for the birthday party. I think you're doing a great job at staying calm, though, and I love your quote: it doesn't have to be perfect today, just someday!