Happy Birthday Girlie!

So I actually have to blog twice today because it is my Best Friend's Birthday-Girlie!  Girlie and I have known each other since the age of four and grew up across the street from each other in Greensboro, N.C.  We have literally been through every phase of our lives together and the adventures would take an entire book to recount!  We got the nickname "The Girlie Twins" at the sailing camp that we attended every summer because of our long blonde hair, blue eyes and similar personalities!  Everyone just assumed we were twins!  The name Girlie has stuck and we continue to refer to one another as GIRLIE!  Our friendship is as unique as the way we talk.  I totally wish I had a scanner right now to show some old school pictures!
Here we are in Kiawah last Christmas!  Our families spent the holidays together in S.C. and there is nothing better than being with your family and Best Friends during the holidays.
I am soooooo excited to visit Houston next weekend not only to celebrate Girlie's Birthday, but also Mini Girlie (Lily) she will be one!
The Three Girlies grabbing lunch at Neimans in Houston
 I am blessed to also be Mini Girlie's God Girlie!

I can't wait to see both my Girlie's next weekend and celebrate 2 very special Birthday's!

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