So I have to blog tonight for tomorrow if that makes sense.  I fly out to Houston tomorrow and am DEATHLY afraid of planes.  So tomorrow I will be in a heightened state of anxiety that most have never felt before OR comatose!  I prefer the comatose part before I board. But here is my blog for Friday.....

Nothing in the world is more important that your actions every single day.  Wed night I went to dinner with a friend and we began discussing grief and how in awe we are of people's resiliency.  Honestly when I worked as a hospice grief and bereavement counselor I learned sooooo much more from my patients than I could ever give them.  I am constantly inspired by people who overcome tremendous tragedy.  I def tend to think that I would crumble in their circumstances.  Today I was talking with a girl at work who is finishing her internship at the middle school I work in.  We started talking about counseling and grief and she shared with me that her mother committed suicide when she was in high school.  She told me that the reason she's going to be a counselor is to help others who have suffered.  Is there anything more beautiful than this? No matter how much I love fashion, pretty fabrics, designing, and dressing up, social work will always be my first love!  It's only by meeting people like my intern that I become grounded and find my sense of peace.  I am sooooooo amazed by the people that I meet on a daily basis and how much they give to the world.  After good conversations like I had at dinner and meeting amazing people like our intern, I feel sooooo blessed.

People who know me well know that I have a personal goal to do one nice thing for somebody else every single day.  Something beyond the requirements of my job.  Try it, it's hard!!!!! I get so fixated on the meetings that I have all day only to find myself exhausted at the end of a long work day.  I then rush home to walk my dogs, feed them, cook dinner, do chores, and wake up and do it all over again.  So I have to consciously look for opportunities throughout the day and this can be a hard task, but I would challenge everyone to take the time to look for those moments.  I believe in Karma and Fate and that nothing is more important that the Love we give!
I took this picture in Martha's Vineyard 4 years ago and have always loved it's theme!

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