Lily's First Birthday

The Birthday Girl was in High Spirits and was soooo cute with her matching pink monogram, pink shoes and pink bow!
The Fam was also darling!
The Girls helped decorate all morning and were ready for some fun!  E, J, and O traveled all the way from Charlotte N.C. and were a crucial ingredient for fun!

 Now I have to take a minute to post about the decor which was a bit over the top for a one year old's B-day!  Usually a first birthday includes a cookout of some sort.  No No, not for Lily.  Lily had a steel drum band, Marcel from Friends-the real Marcel who ended up pooping on me (Side note apparently Marcel attends tons of celeb parties being from LA and all and his most fav celeb is Eddie Murphy-least fav is Oprah-I have to say I'm still partial!  She will always be a fav of mine), multiple monkeys and wildlife-all of who traveled from LA and some of who bar tend, bar tenders, and servers.  I am totally staging an intervention  before the sweet 16!

 Here's the Candy Bar station for all her guests and every detail was matching to the tee.
Every single last dish, champagne bottle, wine bottle, plate, napkin, candy jar, BBQ sauce, mustard dish, water bottle, straw, and even the burgers had this logo on them some where. Nico and Lala were responsible for all of the matching decor and did an AMAZING job!  I'm pretty matchy matchy but this made me look like a slob.

If I tired to display every matching detail of this party we would be here all day!  Bless her heart, Lily is totally destine to be OCD like her mother and God Girlie!
The adults had their area to dine and had some matching themes as well.

I think you get my point on the matching and theme, which is why I'm sooo glad I got her the pink elephant bowl over the plate with the pink bear.  Was def the way to go for the theme!

 Lily just loved her "SMASH CAKE!"
And Marcel was a huge fan of the cup cakes :)

I made friends with some of the guests and even shared a smooch.

 It was WONDERFUL to be in Houston and Celebrate with Mini Girlie!  I already miss her soooo much!

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  1. What a party! What a lucky birthday girl or should I say, girlie.