I hope everyone is having a wonderful day celebrating with those they love!  Mac and I celebrate Valentine's Day and usually give each other something small, but we have created our own holiday that we celebrate every year and that's when we exchange gifts.  VALENTEASTER is our fav holiday and we celebrate between Valentine's and Easter.  We decided during the dreary cold months that we needed more holidays to look forward to before spring actually came.  So that's where Valenteaster originated.  We go every year to Flemings Steak House for the Big Occasion.  So tonight we will cook and nice salmon dinner, watch a movie, and enjoy an evening in with Leonard and Lucile.

I do have to mention my fav Valentine gift.  It actually came from my mother in-law and was too perfect for our black and white toile bathroom. I am very matchy matchy so these totally complete the room.

They are shower curtain hangers, each with a different black and white Toile scene on them! Those who know me well know how obsessed with Toile I am so this gift truly made me smile:)  As Mac's aunt told me, a girl have never have too much toile.  They are perfect for our bathroom and make fabulous accents.
Can you see what I'm talking about???? It was a wonderful surprise!  The last thing I need is my Black and White Toile Marye-Kelley trash can to complete the room.
Have a wonderful day celebrating your loved ones!  

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