Pool Side Gathering

Last Thursday LCB had a little pool side gathering/pre-memorial day weekend celebration!  I was very excited since it was the day before our Church Wedding and was telling everyone that it was my Bachelorette Party!

 She really out did herself and the Skinny Girl Margs were a Hit!

Here are the actual brides to be getting married this summer!

It was a great way to kick off a long fun weekend!  Thanks LCB!  It was a blast!

Ready for a Big Weekend

As Mac and I prepare for our nuptials  today, Leonard prepares for his first trip to Smith Mountain Lake!  It will be quite the weekend!  

We are off to the alter and then the post weekend celebration :)

Thank You for the Inspiration

When I started thinking that I wanted to turn my dreams of starting a clothing line into a reality, I wasn't quite sure where to turn.  So I started contacting women in the field that I truly admire.  The last thing I expected them to do was speak to some random person with a random idea.  I was amazed not only that they were willing to talk with me, but that they were also willing to share pearls of wisdom and guide me along!  So I want to acknowledge them and say "Thank You."   I not only admire them for their creative minds, and the beautiful lines they have produced, but also for what amazingly kind and warm people they are! 

Kayce Hughes resides in Nashville, TN and has an adorable children's line and a growing women's line.   I just LOVE her stuff.  When she emailed me her phone number and told me to give her a call I was soooooo shocked!  I have to say I would not be where I am today without her advice.

You must check out her adorable spring line!  If a mom of seven can run a full time business, hopefully I can! Thanks for being such an inspiration and for the time you took to help!

Camillia Bradley who now has a fabulous ski line Apres By CK Bradley not only helped me think things through, but was a huge part of keeping me going!  At times I was soooooo frustrated. Spending tons of money and getting nowhere, I did not think my dream was feasible.  I have to say when Camilla emailed me and said.......

 "Kara...these dresses are great! Keep designing...inspiration is not gifted to all...and you are inspired!"

I was not only touched, but realized I could not give up on my dream.  I still look back at this email when I get super frustrated! It's amazing how much encouragement can help you find inspiration! 

                          Here are some pics from her line.
I love the pom-pom hats!

Most recently I had the opportunity to speak with Melissa Akey co-owner of Thread and I recently blogged about her adorable fashionable line!  She was also wonderful and told me to email her anytime! Melissa was willing to introduce me to different factories in NYC and help me meet people in the industry.

Thank you to all of these fabulous ladies for your inspiration and help to make my dreams a reality!

Coren Moore

I love this quote by Conan O'Brien found on Coren Moore's Blog.  It's so True!

And it certainly seems to be working for her!  With a successful bridal line, which includes bridesmaids dresses and wedding gowns and after teaming up with Vineyard Vines to find the perfect tie for any occasion, Amazing things seem to be happening for Ms. Moore!

I loved reading your blog!  Thanks for the Inspiration!

The Dresses are Ready

I owe the world to ACF, Emilee, Vitamin Sea, and the Lady behind the scenes-Priscilla (who literally photo shopped and downloaded all day!)  Thank you all!  I could not have done this without you and I am soooo proud to have a store up and running on Etsy! You all mean the world to me!

And Really-What would a photo shoot be, without the behind the scenes footage!

Leonard and Lucile were active participants!

Mac extremely excited to put on a tux in 87 degree weather.  Love the facial expression.

  I'm sorry you want me to do-What??????
  Leonard can only go 10 minutes in between pets or else he gets very anxious!  He took up a lot of time!
A Cigar break for the designer?????
I love that Lucile and Emilee have the same facial expression!

The Designer and her Models!  So many others helped this to come together and it is truly appreciated.  

It was so fun for me to look at the behind the scene shots! Thanks a million.

First Photo Shoot

Today we had our first photo shoot for Designs By Kara Kihm.  I could not have asked for a better day or more fabulous friends to participate!

Thank you all sooo much!  It was such an amazing day and you truly made it so special!  I can't wait to get the pics up on line! Here are a few high lights from my camera!

The Annapolis

The Fair

The Erin

The Elizabeth Anne
The Brooke
This was such an amazing day!  Thanks for your support :)

Trombone Shorty

Every Spring Brown's Island hosts talented musicians and hundreds of people come out to celebrate the beautiful weather and listen to great music.

Tonight Trombone Shorty is Playing and he is a must see.

He received Rave Reviews at Jazz Fest and as Geoffery Himes stated.............

"There’s a reason Troy “Trombone Shorty” Andrews is the hottest star to come out of New Orleans in a generation.  He wants to pull every kind of music he has ever loved into one show and reinvents it in his own sensibility.

While the New York Times had this to say.........

"Trombone Shorty had clearly set out to present

 New Orleans as a city whose glory days aren’t over... 
it was a signal that the city's music would push ahead" 

- Jon Pareles, New York Times

If you happen to be in Richmond tonight.  It will be a great show :)

Plates-The Best Decor

Anyone who has ever been in my house can quickly see that I have an obsession with China or more importantly Plates in general as decor!  Hanging plates, plates in cabinets, plates on shelves, or plates above doors are literally found multiple times in each room of my house.  It would take forever to attempt to display my many plate settings around the house, but I think you get the picture.  I am most certain that some people, particularly my husband are trying to stage an intervention.

My Every Day China Fills The Breakfast Nook.

My China China is displayed in the Dinning Room and I usually try to keep the Table set just for effect like I do in the breakfast nook.

The Living Room is no exception- you will find Plates abound there as well.

I was sooooo Happy to find a plate for each state that Mac and I are originally from- How perfect!  They are displayed in the office.

Along with Shelves of others.

Mac thought I had gotten way out of hand when he came home and saw our newly plated bedroom for the First Time.  I think that's when he really went into shock.

Of course the house would not be complete without a plate in honor of Leonard

And Lucile

BUT there is still one room left screaming for more Plates!  Notice how bare it is above the bed.

And that is Why I am soooooo glad I have found Tanner's Touch on Etsy where you can have any custom plate made that you want :)  You must check out their beautiful work.   I am eagerly awaiting several plates with a monogram for each member of our family-Yes even Leonard and Lucile!  Won't they look perfect above our guest bed?????????

Hidden Messages

I truly believe that God takes the time to speak to us everyday if WE take the time to Listen.  All too often I rush through my day and forget to look for the signs.  When I actually take the time to slow down and listen, the messages are clear.

Today I was sooooo frustrated by all the road blocks that I have stumbled into this week with regards to my clothing line.  I was literally tearing up as I texted with Girlie and told her that this line might be impossible for one person to manage.  The custodian at our school lost her mother and brother in the same week last week (talk about a tragedy) so my elementary school is collecting money to provide food for her family.  I realized that I barely had any cash so I was digging deep into the pits of the glove compartment in my car and came across 3 fortunes that I had saved from who knows when.  I do save my fortunes from fortune cookies from time to time, but never know where they end up.  Here is what the 3 I found today said.........

1. "Treasure what you have."  So simple, but so true! I need to treasure that I have made it this far.

2. "Faithless is he who quits when the road darkens."  Talk about the kick in the ass I needed to say- keep forging ahead.

And last but not least-this is too ironic-

3. "You have an important new business development shaping up." AHHHHHHHH- REALLY????

I literally found these fortunes out of the blue and read them in that order.  Divine Intervention-I think so!   

Sample Sale

This is surly a must-Don't miss Kate Spade's Sample Sale


One of my darling friends from Columbia S.C. told me that I had to look up Annabelle LaRoque.  Annabelle has a beautiful boutique in Columbia and I love her collections.  It appears as though we both have a love for extra girlie outfits  and ruffles!

Here are some adorable items from her 2011 Collection!

Reading her bio is truly an inspiration.  She's example of following your dreams and making them come true!  Start small and go from there!

Cil's 30th

I was soooo excited to celebrate one of my dearest friends, sorority sister, and college roommates 30th Birthday this weekend!  Priscilla is truly such a special person in my life and throughout this clothing line adventure she has been my greatest supporter, advocate, and right hand woman!  I seriously could not have done this without her!

 Throughout the many road trips that we took together (UGA, Dollywood, Memphis, and Nantucket to name a few) we quickly discovered that we not only have a blast together, understand each other's quirks, and get each others humor, but we also have a deep and genuine understanding of each other on an emotional and spiritual level as well.  We truly see the world through the same lens.   I can not think of anybody more like me in so many ways!

 I was thrilled to attend her 30th B-day Bash hosted my Ben and Emily.  It was a Fiesta Theme- How Perfect!

The Fam

The Food was incredible and Cil's house was beautiful as always.

A very entertaining addition to the evening.

The Girls all had a blast together and it was great to catch up with old college friends.

Happy B-Day Cil!  I wish you many more filled with Love and Happiness :)