Rekindling an Old Flame

So while I didn't get a chance to lounge on a hammock in Costa Rica last weekend I did rekindle my flame with an old love!  Every Christmas growing up my family took a ski trip either out west or to Europe-my parents lived in Germany before my birth and enjoyed going back to visit old friends, not to mention there is also incredible skiing in the Alps.  I have to admit the last time I hit the slopes was on our last family ski vacation to Aspen in December of 1997.  Needless to say 13 years had passed and I was a little wary about this adventure.  So when a group of friends headed to the Homestead last weekend I was unsure how things were going to go on the slopes!  Fortunately Hot Springs, Virginia is a great place to get your sea legs back on!

Can we please talk about how amazing these old school ski clothes are! Particularly the overall bibs!

Mac had only skiied a few times before so I was thinking this was a good place for him to start.

I literally did not even have a ski jacket so thank goodness some friends came prepared and I could borrow a jacket, scarf, and proper pants!  This would have been a great time to have some of Apres by CKB fabulous Ski gear!

Everyone told me that it would be like riding a bike and would come back as soon as I I hit the slopes.  While I can't claim that statement to be true I can say each run I felt more and more comfortable!

Cocktails by the fire  is always a must after a day of skiing, although we did have a few sips of bourbon on the ski lift up-it was a long ride to the top!

For dinner we went to Sam Sneads and had some comfort food!  

Thanks to the W. clan for a great weekend!  I'm so glad we went and I had to a chance to get back out there!  I'm thinking the slopes will see a lot more of me now!

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