Cocktails and Friends

So last night I did not have time to blog bc I was having some girls over for cocktails.  Vitamin Sea posted about it so I'll just share her link!  She captured the night perfectly!  Since I've moved I never ever get to see my old neighbors who I just adore.  We had such a fun group of cute girls at 4505.  Even though I only moved 5 blocks away on the same street (how absurd) life just gets busy.  So this is a way for us to all get together every month and hang with some new friends as well!  One night at Mekong our idea of gathering monthly to catch up morphed into cocktail club.  So here's the post to that.

This is a perfect way for me to socialize because I am such a cocktail girl!  I probably have cocktails more than most and by more than most I mean-Nightly.  Now this could pose a major problem when pregnant, but for now I can't remember the last time I went to bed without a teeny tiny night cap.  So I decided to share my favorites.  By far number one on the list which is really hard to find in Richmond is...........

Fernet Branca an Italian Liquor that the Wilson's introduced me to.  My father in-law lived in Italy for some years growing up and his father KK religiously drank Fernet.  The best part is..... It's healthy!  No really I promise! Even Dr. Oz says to have one a day.  It's literally fermented herbs, but happens to be 80 proof.  Most people do not enjoy the taste.  It's kind of bitter, but for me I can't get enough!

NUMBER 2 FAV actually has a tie!  I know everyone who knows me well would say Black Russians hands down no questions asked and those have always been my ABSOLUTE FAV, but I have to say I've been on a huge bourbon kick lately and am actually drinking a makers on the rocks as I type.  So Makers is def my drink of choice if I'm taking that route and is actually gluten free!  Thank goodness.  But my black russians will always be in signature drink.

Number 3 is of course red wine.  I prefer Cab.  Honestly what could be better than this......
Ahhhhh how relaxing after a long day!

So what's better for socializing than Cocktail Club for a girl like me!  I'm so excited to be down on my old block next month for the St. Patty's Theme gathering.  Now I need a green dress!

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