Ready for a Good Night Sleep

I had a wonderful weekend which I will blog about later, but for now I am soooo glad to be home!  The older I get the more of a homebody I become!  I just love coming home to my house, my dogs, my hubby, and curling up in my bed!  Now I am even more excited to curl up in my bed because all the Lilly Bedding that I have ordered has just come in! I am soooo excited!

The Navy is for the Master Bedroom, the yellow for the guest bedroom, and the aqua for the basement.  The only room that a pair was not ordered for is the small room which will eventually be a nursery! When?????- Is a whole other topic!!!! For now it's the dog room so no beds are in there.  Although we are thinking of buying them a small day bed.  They are sooo spoiled!  I just love all the fun patterns and truly think that the bedroom needs to be a beautiful yet relaxing place for a good night sleep.  Each one of these sets fits the room it was purchased for PERFECTLY.  I get so happy when I look around a room and love what I see right before I turn out the lights! Thanks Garnet Hill and Lilly.  I always love y'alls bedding products.

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  1. Love the bedding and can't wait to hear all about TEXAS!