House Projects

So last July we bought a house that needed renovating and it was actually a very fun yet stressful project!  I'll have to do a post sometime to show the before and after shots!  The main part of the house is completely finished but we are continuing to work on the basement.  Mac and I are dedicating this entire weekend to basement projects!  This is definitely on the list for the basement steps, but I'm thinking we won't get to it until late spring.

I took this picture in San Jose three years ago and this is exactly why I always have a camera on hand!  When I found this photo a few days ago it totally gave me inspiration for our basement steps.  I would LOVE to at least tile in between each step if not all of them.   I'm thinking after this weekend of hard work and finishing up the steps we will be ready to entertain this summer!  Mac and I love having people over and are always looking for reasons to entertain so hopefully a Masters Party is on the Horizon in our finished basement :)

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