Perfect Blazer for Spring

People who know me well know that I am chronically cold!  I have the hardest time staying warm so I'm constantly drinking hot water (yes it's a bazaar habit that I have, but it works) and looking for cute jackets that can also act as my outfit because I know I won't be taking them off!  A few different companies seem to have this style blazer out for spring, but the Boden Jersey Blazer in Navy Breton Stripe is my favorite.  It looks like Boston Proper and J. Crew also have a similar style out.  I love anything  nautical looking and Navy and White is one of my favorite combos.  In fact I have three dresses in my first line that have Navy and White as a color option.  I totally need to branch out I know, but it's just soooo classic.

Anyways this blazer would be perfect for spring or summer nights in new England-too bad I don't live there anymore!  Hopefully this item will be in my closet one day!  Navy and White Stripe anything never goes out of style!


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