My Latest Favorite

I absolutely LOVE China and am currently coveting the Herend Golden Edge Dinner Plates with my initials on them in gold.  I think they would accent my Chinese Multi plates beautifully so I tend to pop into Taylor Hogan and Hampton House way more than I should just to peruse and dream.  When I came across this piece at Taylor Hogan I knew I HAD to have it! 

What a perfect piece to add to my blue and white collection! Apparently they have over 200 breeds to choose from so eventually I will get a beagle plate in honor of Leonard, but for now the Bouvier will suffice.  Not to mention it's soooo hard to find anything with a bouvier on it so I knew I couldn't let this gem get away! I've found the perfect location for it in our breakfast nook hanging right above where Lucille eats!

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