I had the Awesome Opportunity to chat with Melissa Akey Co-Owner of Thread today!  A mutual friend introduced us-Thanks Elisabeth!  It was so nice to chat with someone who has accomplished her goals and is actually making it all happen in NYC!  Since thread is produced in the U.S. I was so happy to learn more about local production.  Melissa was so sweet and encouraging and I really appreciated her pearls of wisdom :)

Here are some fav's from the 2011 Collection

The Melanie

The LBD 576

The Raven Seersucker Collection

The Breck Mini

The Molly

The Kayla
I look forward to visiting THREAD in NY!

Monument Easter Parade

It was so fun to go to the Monument Easter parade with great friends!  Since my Easter Dress, The Elizabeth Anne was long sleeves and it was 90 degrees, I figured The Fair was the next best Dress for this event!

The Girls

                                            The Gents

 We all had our fav cocktails and I love that Amanda's matched her dress!  Sooo coordinated!

 Since I had given up bourbon for Lent-I had Makers on the Mind!

 All of the yards were filled with Easter Decor and everyone was dressed for the theme.  Even the dogs were decked in their Easter finest!

Lucile and I were feeling left out and borrowed some festive gear!

 I loved the Tutu wagon and Leonard wanted a ride!

By the end Leonard was exhausted and rolling around in sloshy mud puddles!  Classic!

It was a great Easter

The Debut of The Elizabeth Anne

The Elizabeth Anne made it's first debut on Easter Sunday! Of course I had to change directly after church because it was 90 degrees out!  How ridic!

And I do feel cheesy posting pics of myself in my dresses, but for now-It's all I got!  Hopefully I will have models this summer!  The dress will also come in Pink with Green Ruffles and Navy with Orange Ruffles!

Hope You Enjoy!


           I Can't Wait for The Monument Easter Parade!

                             Happy Easter Weekend!

Monkee's of Richmond

                Don't Miss Monkee's  Dress Event!

It won't be hard to find the perfect dress at Monkee's with designers such as Trink Turk, Tory Burch, Jack Rogers, Elizabeth McKay, Kate Spade and More!  When you make a purchase of 100 or more you also get to take home a free pashmina!
                             Happy Shopping!

Vacation Time

So I am off to Puerto Rico for my Spring Break.  My father in-law lives down there during the week so he can show us the ropes.  I'm looking forward to relaxing in the Sun on some lounge chairs!

And of course-You can't go to the beach without some new tunics to throw on over your swim wear.   Here are my purchases for this Trip!

Draped Sleeve Embellished Trink Turk Tunic
Lilly P Baletta Dress

I ordered it in Hotty Pink Bloomers

Happy Spring Break!

Masters Weekend

The Masters is always a great reason to celebrate and get together with good friends!

I wanted to have some drinks and goodies for the Girls.  I think my sparkling white wine with fruit was a hit.  Light apps were also served.

                       The boys had a putting contest

And Lucile was ready to PARTY in her pearls.  Leonard was probably upstairs eating all the food.

I think I needed some action at one point (Shocking I know-doesn't sound like me) and initiated a game of dress up! I'm never sure what will pop in my head next!

And Yes I have finally found my partner in crime or (my Girlie, Erin, and Priscilla) in Richmond.  Someone willing to go along with my antics and laugh at my absurdity!

                                  It was a blast!


Elaine Turner is having a strike a pose contest for a chance to win a pair of shoes or hand bag.  Snap a photo of yourself wearing your favorite Elaine Turner Product and email them the picture for a chance to win.  The contest ends Sat April 16th and the Winner will be drawn on April 18th.

Don't miss out!  Here are a few Summer Fav's

Don't Miss the Neiman Marcus Sale

Through April 11th save on fun must haves at Neimans!  Here are a few fav's

Kate Spade Blouse $147

Kate Spade Dress $225

NM Ruffle front blouse $85


I absolutely love the color coral and anything with scallops so this is the perfect spring dress from Fornash.  It's a reasonable price and sooooo cute.  I'm thinking baby shower since I have plenty of those coming up :)

Can't you just picture it with these earrings?  Fornash has tons of accessories, which I just love! They are totally worth checking out.  I think accessories make the outfit!    

Happy Shopping!

Augusta 2011

Since 1934, The Masters has become an annual 'right of spring'. For millions of golf fans, it marks the real beginning of the professional golf season.

And this is no exception in our household.  This Thursday marks Mac's favorite weekend of the entire year!  This weekend rivals any other holiday or event in the Wilson abode.  

One of the most memorable moments in Mac's life was attending the Masters and he dreams of the day he will return to Augusta!  

Until then I will hear nonstop about The Masters for four full days, and will not be permitted to speak while it is on.   Mac will also pull out his favorite item from his wardrobe that only gets worn this time of year.

                                    THE GREEN JACKET!

This year  I insisted that we have a Masters Party so I can have fun and enjoy some company while the men are glued to the T.V.   Apparently the Wilson Fav's this year are Anthony Kim and Freddie Couples.

First 10K Down

I joined Team Duggins to run my first 10K.  It was the first for all of us so we figured we could motivate each other along!

Mr. Duggins referred to us as the running Easter Eggs.

Monument Avenue was filled with Bands, Tents, and Tailgating!  The energy was incredible and it was so much fun to see the entire town of Richmond out to support the runners!  During the race I was a little jealous of those cheering on the side lines while drinking Bloody Mary's!  I did hear of one team that drank PBRs while running.  Now that is an accomplishment!

We finished in a little over an hour and were pleased with 10 minute miles for our first race!  I will definitely be back next year :)  Hopefully Vitamin Sea and I can keep up our running routine!