One Year Later

Last July we bought a home in Richmond that was a disaster case and that's putting it mildly.  One year after the renovations were completed we are settled in our home.  It was definitely worth all the hard work.

 When we first walked in the ceilings and floors were missing-literally.

And all the doors could not close because they were destroyed.

The rooms were a mess and needed to be fully renovated.

After months of renovating-Thank Goodness for my father in-law! Here's the final product.

Blue and Yellow Family Room!  My fav colors!
Pink and Green Dinning Room.  Another fav color combo. When people ask me how I convinced Mac to let me have a pink and green room- I say "Wait til you see the basement."
Our bedroom is finally cozy and decorated.
And I think my fav color scheme is that of the bathroom.  Even the ceiling is wall papered.

The Basement went from unlivable-

To Mac's dream Man Cave.  I will admit this is not what I was envisioning and cried for several hours after the first time I saw the finished product, but it has grown on me over time.  This is the one room Mac has full rein to decorate and he made sure it had a Key West atmosphere in honor of The Wilson's.

The Wilson pub with a full wrap around bar is a unique feature that no other house in our neighborhood has and unfortunately sometimes does not close until 4am.  I was thinking of a kids play room and this is what Mac designed. What can ya do?????

We've come a long way in a year and are finally settled in :)


  1. Your house looks beautiful now! Love all the changes you did. The blue and yellow living room is my favorite, those are my go to colors!

  2. Oh my goodness what a transformation!

  3. Hey sweetheart! What a wonderful, charming home you have, with so many extra special touches! I can only imagine how much work it took to get from where you started to now, but what an amazing accomplishment you should be so proud of! I am absolutely in LOVE with your pink and green dining room, lucky girl! I so wish we were sitting in there having coffee right now!! :) Hugs to you doll - thanks for your wonderful supportive email too, meant so much to me :)

  4. Your house looks absolutely gorgeous!!!! You guys did a fabulous job, and the decorating and color schemes are so tastefully done.

  5. Kara, you did an amazing job! I LOVE your pink flowered bathroom. You have a beautiful home!

  6. I love your color schemes! They are so YOU and really reflect your fun personality. I would love to have a seat on that bar ASAP!