Back In Action

Well the past two weeks here have been just Wild!  I can not even believe that last week we were dealing with an earthquake and after shocks that woke us up nightly and this week we've been without power until last night due to a hurricane.   My goodness!  I have to say we are very blessed because nothing happened to our house.  My poor neighbors and the rest of my neighborhood were not so lucky.  I just had to document Hanover Ave!  Here's the house at the end of our block.

Most of the roads in our neighborhood have been closed or blocked by trees.

And sidewalks, street signs, and traffic light were destroyed.

I know it was sooo much worse for so many other places so we are Very Lucky, But I am ready for life to get back to normal- AND to start blogging again!!!

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  1. What a frightening experience for you. We have been seeing some terrible images from the hurricanes destruction. Take care.