The Kubacki's

My mother's family, The Kubacki's are a large, fun loving, Catholic family from Cleveland, and we are all very close.  There are 62 Kubacki's total and we make sure to get together at least annually for a reunion or event.   We live every where from Seattle, to Chicago, to Boston, to NYC, to D.C so it is really incredible that we all make the effort. The Kubacki symbol is The Pink Elephant in honor of the restaurant my grandfather used to own and you are bound to find several people wearing  pink elephants on their attire at each event (The Smathers and Branson pink elephant belt has been a huge hit with our family and also Thomas Pink's Pink Elephant Tie).  This summer we gathered at Whiskey Island (love the name) where my uncle Tim runs a restaurant and marina for my cousin's wedding.  It was wonderful to see everyone and we had a Blast!!!!!

My cousin Brad and I have always been Best Friends and seem to end up matching at family events!  Loved the Red and Seersucker Combos!  Last year we matched in pink combos.  Now I just wish this would accidentally happen with Mac, but no such Luck.

The Erin
We could not have asked for a more perfect evening!

The Priscilla in Aqua made her debut And my cousin Liz sported her purchase, The Fair in Navy!  It looked fabulous on her!

The men enjoyed cigars

And my mom and Aunts enjoyed dancing the night away!

After the evening had ended we enjoyed some cocktails on my uncle's boat and laughed all night.

It was soooo wonderful to see everyone and I have always been so proud to be a part of such an incredible family.


  1. The Priscilla looks fab! Love it!

  2. Looks like so much fun! Your dresses are so flattering on everyone!

  3. Just found your collection and blog and I love both. I am a huge wrap dress junkie so I love the Fair!