Touring The Islands

One of our favorite Day Activites was taking Con Pollo and touring the local islands in the Exumas.

We lost Con Pollo in a Storm and were very attached to her after the retrival!  Unfortunately, Mac had to dive into the Ocean (literally) and swim out to her during a driving wind and rain storm to tie her back to the Caribe.  While attempting to get back on the Caribe a wave crashed in and crushed him between the two boats.  I have never been sooo horrified in my entire life and his body and head are still healing from the accident.  Good thing an RN was aboard the Mariah.  I am glad we saved Con Pollo though otherwise we would not have seen these highlights!

Chat N Chill on stocking Island is a must if you are ever down that way!

Very Fun bar and conch covered beach at Farmers Cay Yacht Club.

Regatta Park in George Town.  The Regatta is a huge event in The Exumas held annually!

The Sea Pigs at Staniel Cay.  They literally swam out to the boats and were hilarious!  I'm very quirky and have always wanted a pig.  I told Mac that if we don't have a child in the next 2 years, we are adopting a pig!

Staniel Cay Yacht Club was the most fun place!  It was such an islandy Yacht Club.  Right up my alley!  Here are some cool places in Staniel Cay!

  Accommodations at the Yacht Club.

  My favorite Grocery Store called the Pink  Pearl.

Who wouldn't want to eat here.

I am very grateful we saved Con Pollo for the Island Experiences, but I could have done without the Drama!

There are too many favorite pics to share so I will recap my fav pics tomorrow.   The last night we saw a shooting star.  I had never seen one before and it was truly magical!


  1. Sea pigs, I've never heard of that! What funny little guys swimming out to the boats like that! Love all the underwater pictures, they are just amazing. Looks like you two had a lot of fun! xoxo

  2. Oh sweetie you look so relaxed and happy! These pictures are truly priceless! I am so thrilled it was just as lovely as a vacation as you could have imagined it to be. Those little sea pigs are too funny, I did not even know they existed LOL! :) and I am DYING over that conch covered beach....GORGEOUS! xo