New Love Of Snorkeling

There were sooooo many highlights from our trip, but one of my favorite things was snorkeling every day!  I felt like I got an incredible work out and got to see fabulous aquatic life!

                               Of course I had pink fins.

This was my favorite find!

We snorkeled through Thunderball Cave where the 1964 James Bond Movie was filmed and it was incredible.

Inside of Thunderball Cave and some of the sea life.

This picture represents one of the scariest moments on my trip.  On the way from the boat to land-which believe me was a very far distance (notice the boat in the background) I saw a shark!  I literally almost had a heart attack in the water.  Getting up the nerve to swim back was not easy.

And From then on------- I swam with this!!!!!

I'm totally hooked!  Maybe Scuba Diving is Next!


  1. This is awesome! I lovee snorkeling and haven't gotten to go since I was in Key West last year. That water is so clear... and that cave you went in is amazing... I must plan a trip to do this sometime!

  2. I just found your blog and I love it! I'm coming back for more! By the way, snorkeling is super cool.


  3. Your trip looked like it was so fun! May I ask where you got your blue bandeau suit? It's darling.

  4. Well actually you will die, but it's from Newport News Swimwear! Sooooo not a place I would ever think to shop, but I have 2 bandeau's from there! I LOVE them and they were a great price!!!! I'm the type of girl who can walk into any store and find something I want! Doesn't have to be mainstream or high fashion.