Fitting Quote

After returning from a great vaca I was excited to get back to business until I had an awful and frustarting moment today.  I discovered that one of my seamstresses took my money and ran!   I am out 4 dresses, fabric, and hundreds of dollars so I am trying very hard to find peace in my mind right now.  During my deep breathing exercises I came across this quote!

Never be afraid to try something new.  Remember that amateurs built the arc and professional built the titanic.
~ Dave Barry, humorist columnist

It seemed very fitting!  Hopefully I will continue to learn, grow, and curb my business from experiences like today!  I can't expect that there will not be bumps along the way when venturing down a new path,  But that was not a fun way to learn!  I completely believe in Karma so I will keep smiling and try to put this behind me!

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  1. Hi sweetie! Finally catching up on your blog, and I am SO SORRY to hear this awful news! It's a shame that someone would betray your trust and put you in this situation. I believe in Karma too - Keep smiling that beautiful smile of yours!!