Thank You for the Inspiration

When I started thinking that I wanted to turn my dreams of starting a clothing line into a reality, I wasn't quite sure where to turn.  So I started contacting women in the field that I truly admire.  The last thing I expected them to do was speak to some random person with a random idea.  I was amazed not only that they were willing to talk with me, but that they were also willing to share pearls of wisdom and guide me along!  So I want to acknowledge them and say "Thank You."   I not only admire them for their creative minds, and the beautiful lines they have produced, but also for what amazingly kind and warm people they are! 

Kayce Hughes resides in Nashville, TN and has an adorable children's line and a growing women's line.   I just LOVE her stuff.  When she emailed me her phone number and told me to give her a call I was soooooo shocked!  I have to say I would not be where I am today without her advice.

You must check out her adorable spring line!  If a mom of seven can run a full time business, hopefully I can! Thanks for being such an inspiration and for the time you took to help!

Camillia Bradley who now has a fabulous ski line Apres By CK Bradley not only helped me think things through, but was a huge part of keeping me going!  At times I was soooooo frustrated. Spending tons of money and getting nowhere, I did not think my dream was feasible.  I have to say when Camilla emailed me and said.......

 "Kara...these dresses are great! Keep designing...inspiration is not gifted to all...and you are inspired!"

I was not only touched, but realized I could not give up on my dream.  I still look back at this email when I get super frustrated! It's amazing how much encouragement can help you find inspiration! 

                          Here are some pics from her line.
I love the pom-pom hats!

Most recently I had the opportunity to speak with Melissa Akey co-owner of Thread and I recently blogged about her adorable fashionable line!  She was also wonderful and told me to email her anytime! Melissa was willing to introduce me to different factories in NYC and help me meet people in the industry.

Thank you to all of these fabulous ladies for your inspiration and help to make my dreams a reality!

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