Plates-The Best Decor

Anyone who has ever been in my house can quickly see that I have an obsession with China or more importantly Plates in general as decor!  Hanging plates, plates in cabinets, plates on shelves, or plates above doors are literally found multiple times in each room of my house.  It would take forever to attempt to display my many plate settings around the house, but I think you get the picture.  I am most certain that some people, particularly my husband are trying to stage an intervention.

My Every Day China Fills The Breakfast Nook.

My China China is displayed in the Dinning Room and I usually try to keep the Table set just for effect like I do in the breakfast nook.

The Living Room is no exception- you will find Plates abound there as well.

I was sooooo Happy to find a plate for each state that Mac and I are originally from- How perfect!  They are displayed in the office.

Along with Shelves of others.

Mac thought I had gotten way out of hand when he came home and saw our newly plated bedroom for the First Time.  I think that's when he really went into shock.

Of course the house would not be complete without a plate in honor of Leonard

And Lucile

BUT there is still one room left screaming for more Plates!  Notice how bare it is above the bed.

And that is Why I am soooooo glad I have found Tanner's Touch on Etsy where you can have any custom plate made that you want :)  You must check out their beautiful work.   I am eagerly awaiting several plates with a monogram for each member of our family-Yes even Leonard and Lucile!  Won't they look perfect above our guest bed?????????

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