Hidden Messages

I truly believe that God takes the time to speak to us everyday if WE take the time to Listen.  All too often I rush through my day and forget to look for the signs.  When I actually take the time to slow down and listen, the messages are clear.

Today I was sooooo frustrated by all the road blocks that I have stumbled into this week with regards to my clothing line.  I was literally tearing up as I texted with Girlie and told her that this line might be impossible for one person to manage.  The custodian at our school lost her mother and brother in the same week last week (talk about a tragedy) so my elementary school is collecting money to provide food for her family.  I realized that I barely had any cash so I was digging deep into the pits of the glove compartment in my car and came across 3 fortunes that I had saved from who knows when.  I do save my fortunes from fortune cookies from time to time, but never know where they end up.  Here is what the 3 I found today said.........

1. "Treasure what you have."  So simple, but so true! I need to treasure that I have made it this far.

2. "Faithless is he who quits when the road darkens."  Talk about the kick in the ass I needed to say- keep forging ahead.

And last but not least-this is too ironic-

3. "You have an important new business development shaping up." AHHHHHHHH- REALLY????

I literally found these fortunes out of the blue and read them in that order.  Divine Intervention-I think so!   


  1. What an inspirational day! I love that you found these! Go Girlie!!

  2. I totally agree! Don't give up! You can do it!