Cil's 30th

I was soooo excited to celebrate one of my dearest friends, sorority sister, and college roommates 30th Birthday this weekend!  Priscilla is truly such a special person in my life and throughout this clothing line adventure she has been my greatest supporter, advocate, and right hand woman!  I seriously could not have done this without her!

 Throughout the many road trips that we took together (UGA, Dollywood, Memphis, and Nantucket to name a few) we quickly discovered that we not only have a blast together, understand each other's quirks, and get each others humor, but we also have a deep and genuine understanding of each other on an emotional and spiritual level as well.  We truly see the world through the same lens.   I can not think of anybody more like me in so many ways!

 I was thrilled to attend her 30th B-day Bash hosted my Ben and Emily.  It was a Fiesta Theme- How Perfect!

The Fam

The Food was incredible and Cil's house was beautiful as always.

A very entertaining addition to the evening.

The Girls all had a blast together and it was great to catch up with old college friends.

Happy B-Day Cil!  I wish you many more filled with Love and Happiness :)

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  1. Thank you so much for coming and for this beautiful post! Our friendship is truly a rare've been there for me through everything from hospital trips to playing dress-up and I love you!