The Dresses are Ready

I owe the world to ACF, Emilee, Vitamin Sea, and the Lady behind the scenes-Priscilla (who literally photo shopped and downloaded all day!)  Thank you all!  I could not have done this without you and I am soooo proud to have a store up and running on Etsy! You all mean the world to me!

And Really-What would a photo shoot be, without the behind the scenes footage!

Leonard and Lucile were active participants!

Mac extremely excited to put on a tux in 87 degree weather.  Love the facial expression.

  I'm sorry you want me to do-What??????
  Leonard can only go 10 minutes in between pets or else he gets very anxious!  He took up a lot of time!
A Cigar break for the designer?????
I love that Lucile and Emilee have the same facial expression!

The Designer and her Models!  So many others helped this to come together and it is truly appreciated.  

It was so fun for me to look at the behind the scene shots! Thanks a million.

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