The Picasso Exhibit

The Picasso Exhibit has come to the VMFA and will be in town from February 19 through May 15th.  Masterpieces from the Musee National Picasso in Paris are featured and they are definitely worth seeing.  I absolutely loved art when I studied abroad and was so lucky to go to different exhibits at the Hermitage, the Louvre, and the Prado.  Since living back in Virginia, I just haven't had many opportunities to see great exhibits.  So when a few friends and I went one weekend it was a fun treat!

11 rooms are filled with his works from 1900-1973.

After the exhibit we grabbed some lunch and went to the new cup cake store in Carytown.  It was too precious.

It was a nice way to spend a sat with friends.

Tysons Galleria

My parents live in Northern Virginia and going to visit them and stopping by to Shop at the Galleria was always a treat!  It's time for Saks  Spring Trunk Shows at Tysons Galleria.   Here is whats to come!

Wednesday, April 6 through Saturday, April 17
Please see store/event details.
April Trunk Shows

St. John Trunk Show and Champagne & Caviar Reception
Wednesday, April 6 at 4pm

Enjoy informal modeling and caviar and champagne as you view the 
new collection including the newest interpretation of the Parisian jacket 
silhouette from the St. John Caviar Collection, "Bianca."

GRAFF Trunk Show
Thursday, April 7 to Saturday, April 9, from 12 to 5

Enjoy informal modeling, music and refreshments.
Saturday, April 9, from 2 to 5

Thursday, April 14, from 12 to 5

UTOPIA Trunk Show
Thursday, April 14 to Saturday, April 17, from 12 to 5

Ralph Lauren Black Label Trunk Show
April 14 at 2pm

Michael Kors Salon Z Trunk Show
Saturday, April 16, from 2 to 5

McLean - Tysons Galleria
2051 International Drive
McLean, VA  22102
General Manager: Sandy Heilner

Some are worth the trip up!

Brooks Brothers Spring 2011

Brooks Brothers  is Having their Preferred Customer Spring 2011 Events Sale  Friday March 25th through Thursday April 7th.  Enjoy 25% off your entire purchase when you use your Brooks Brothers Card.

And might I recommend this Fabulous Shirt that is a classic and will go with anything!  I have it in Black and White and literally wear it all the time!  I even wore it through the winter with a sweater over top!  I'm so glad they are back again this season because my white one is very well worn.

I promise you will Love it!

Home Shopping

So my mother in-law absolutely loves shopping for antiques, and going to estate sales and consignments stores.  So several weekends a month after one if her escapades she calls me and says........ I know you don't really need this.... BUT.... I found the cutest...........  Here is her latest, which I  just adore.

What great end table lamps.  They are mini garden stools and match the two large garden stools that she previous bought me just perfectly.  I def need to make more of an effort to attend her shopping escapades.  You can find such cute stuff when you branch out and don't go to the usual spots.

Relief for Japan

Tory Burch is raising money for relief in Japan and what a great idea!  Through Sept 11th they will donate 100 percent of proceeds to the Red Cross for aide to Japan.

These adorable Tee shirts are only 29.00 and are a great way to show your support.

Spring Time Gatherings

Not only does this weather make me smile because it is sooooooo Beautiful outside, but there are also so many fun gatherings once the nice weather comes!  Last weekend our street was blocked off, everyone pulled out chairs and coolers in their front yard, and the all time famous TACO Truck arrived!

Is this not the most Hilarious thing you have ever seen!!!

It was a very fun block party and all the children Loved the Boka Truck!  It was so great to catch up with all the neighbors and can't wait for the next round!  I'm thinking let's also get beer trucks for the next time. So glad spring is here :)

Sea Bags

SEA BAGS- I first saw these darling bags at The Ivy Market last year in Richmond and thought what a great idea!  They are made from recycled sails!  But now what's even more exciting is that you can actually design your own!  Here are some of my fav's!

These are just the perfect summer bags

I Hear Wedding Bells

Mac and I got married on 9/2/2006 in South Carolina on Daufuskie Island.  I could not have asked for a more perfect day or weekend!

It was important for me to share this day with those I love and have fun!

Here were some of my leading ladies.  I had 10 bridesmaids, but didn't have a pic of all 10 ladies on my computer.  As you can tell I have always loved the color aqua, although the dresses don't look their true colors against this bright background.  

 The venue was filled with my favorite flowers, Orchids and Star Gazer Lilly's and the weather was beautiful (We got very lucky.)  I even wore Orchids in my hair in a low bun.

BUT-despite my dream weekend, there is still one problem!  Because we got married outside, our wedding has never been recognized in the eyes of the church.  I have always been a very religious and spiritual person and promised my father that before our 5th year anniversary Mac and I would get married again in the church.  Can you believe that this year makes 5 years??????? Whoa the time went fast!

So last week Mac and I met with the priest at St. Bridget's to make arrangements for our 2nd wedding! I know sounds ridic, but that is the story of my life.  This wedding will be very very small and my dream is to hold the ceremony at Smith Mountain Lake in the Church that I grew up going to with my grandparents.  Still working out those logistics.

As excited as I am to re-marry my husband now I need to start planning.  My next thought was-I need a dress!  So I am thinking about  The Annapolis in all white with pink shoes, a pink pashmina, and over sized pearls. I guess I'm destine to wear a tiered dress at my weddings.

Can you see the vision?  I'll keep you posted on what's to come!

A Bientot

A Bientot  is the cutest little accessory store in Houston!  Every time I go to visit, I just love popping in and always find a precious goodie to purchase.   So I was thrilled and when I received a Thank You package from Lily and saw this little box inside.

It was so thoughtful of Lily to send this darling bracelet as a Thank You for helping with her B-day!  Here are some are some of the goodies from the website, but I have to admit the website does not do it justice.  It's truly just one of those stores you must visit at some point!

Beautiful Broach

I always find precious earrings

Thanks Lily and I look forward to my next trip to A Bientot :)


Today is my mom's Birthday and I am wishing her lots of joy, peace and love!


I call my mom Mou and here we are last year on her B-day at the Greenbrier.  I had everyone in her life from all the different life stages ie siblings, high school friends, college friends, bridesmaids, adult friends, etc make a scrapbook page and then complied a scrapbook of her life.  It's going to be hard to top that pres from last year! But I'm sure this B-day will be just as special!  Can't wait to celebrate next weekend!

The Fair is Ready for Action!

So all the samples for the Fair are ready and we are just waiting on tags to be completed!  Then they will be on the market!  YAY!  How exciting!  The Fair will come in Navy with white trim and Pink with white trim.  Here's the first one ever made in Navy.

We will have them for sale on Etsy this spring and summer!  Hope you enjoy :)  

On the Search for a Spring Purse

So I have a tan leather bag that I bought from Elaine Turner 6 years ago and I still LOVE IT!  But it's getting worn, and it's time for a new spring bag.  I need something versatile that can go with Everything!
Obviously my budget is not what it used to be trying to start this little line of mine so I need something cute, but reasonable.

Let's weigh in to see what's out there.........

Well this Kate Spade is certainly a cutie!  But the pic won't let me enlarge it without becoming blurry so see the link.

It would definitely go with everything!

Here's another that I LOVE, BUT is it too seasonal?  I guess I would get a lot of good use out of it April through Early Sept.  I'm thinking about the color bone. Kate Spade must block you from copying pics!  But it's certainly a classic looking purse.

I could see this being a winner and the price is certainly right!  It's on SALE.  

Ok, onto Elaine Turner.  Metallic goes with everything, but I'm thinking I need a more tanish color????? Not sure?????  But this is certainly seasonless and could be worn year round.

Another Tan winner from Tory Burch.  I don't like a long strap, but it looks removable, right???

This Tory Burch Purse comes in light brown obviously, but if you order the Large Robinson Tote it comes in light brown, White, or Metallic.  So I'd have options.  Is the brown too far away from tan???? Maybe I need a lighter color?

Since I can never ever make up my mind!  Please weigh in and let me know your thoughts!  Remember we are going for classic, not trendy, can go with everything, durable, and can hopefully last me another 6 years!  I'm very practical at heart!


So people who know me well, know that I love adding my own touch of flare to things that I already own.  It started with clothes, but has morphed into house projects as well!  So when these tables were given to us by Mac's aunt I saw POTENTIAL!  They have great bones, but as you can see are very worn and well use!

The wood is actually the perfect color and matches the coffee table in our den.

 All you need is a pretty piece of fabric and some cut glass for the dimensions of the table.
 AND you get the perfect end table for your den.

 What a fun project and great way to salvage these old tables!

Add some lamps and pretty bowls and you've completed the look!  We are still debating what lamps to place there, but the room should be finished in no time!

Almost Swimsuit Season

Swimsuit season is almost upon us and of course that means looking for the cutest one pieces.  Yes, I did say one piece.  Some friends think I am crazy bc I only wear one pieces, but you always have to dress for your body type, even at the pool.  Believe me ladies if I had an amazing midsection I would see no reason to hide it.  The only reason you think I do not have a problem area is because you have never actually seen it!  That's one of the best pieces of advice I can give!  Dress for your body type.  It literally makes you look pounds lighter.

So back to the one pieces.  The best places to look for a cute one piece, which can be hard to find are Nordstrom, South Moon Under, any Lilly P store, Saks, and believe it or not, I have even gotten a cute one piece Bandeau at Newport News (I know it sounds ridic but it's actually my favorite suite.) Obviously J Crew has adorable one pieces, but the don't fit me right unfortunately.  Maybe I will try one again this year, but I've never had any luck in years past.

Here are some that I am looking at for this season.......

I don't care for black especially in the summer, but I do love Juicy suits and Ruffles!  So I'm hoping this suit will make it's debut in another color.  It can be found at Nordstrom Online

 Marc Jacobs

This suit is certainly unique so it has some potential.  This version can be found at South Moon Under, but it's also sold in solids on Bluefly.  Thus far I prefer the solid version, but wanted to share this pic to spice things up. 

Trina Turk
This is my fav so far!  Love the bright and cheery colors for summer! This screams tropical get away.  Maybe for our Puerto Rico Trip next month??

I've also always wanted a Burberry suit, but it looks like they are sold out this year.  I'll keep looking and post when I find one, but for all you fellow one piece wearers here's a good start.  I'm ready for summer!


There is nothing better than unwinding with my fav mags after a long day of work.  My highlights of today were......

And Remember the Manatee post!  Look what I found in this Month's Issue!

How Fabulous is this???????  We can now adopt our friends in the sea.

My other high light of today was......

Of course I can't get the picture right, but every thing in here always darling and precious. Definitely check out all of their fabulous stuff for this spring!

I love curling up on the couch with a glass of wine and flipping through great mags.  There is nothing more relaxing for me.  

Caught in The Moment

So for those of you who know Mac, you know he was insistent that we were NOT getting a dog.  "They are too much work, I'm allergic, and they are expensive"-he insisted.  To purchase Lucile, I had to sell my soul, sign a contract, and promise to let him golf as much as he wants.

So when I capture moments like these I get very excited.  I think even Mac is surprised by how much he has bonded with Lucile and just adores her.

 Do worry I took care of the allergic part and purchased a hypoallergenic dog :) I'm such a thinker.

It turns out Lucile is a bit needy and was too lonely at home alone all day.  I knew what Mac's reaction would be to getting a second dog soooooooo-one day when he went golfing, which was part of the contract, I went to the SPCA!  Don't worry I brought my mother in-law so I couldn't get in too much trouble! Let's just say when Mac got home and found Leonard in the front yard there were some choice words.  However...........

The end result is clear!  He's such a softy at heart.  And there is no denying that this is quite the COUPLE!

I think it's absolutely true that.......

Fabric for The Brooke

Yes, Yes I have purchased my fabric for the Brooke and it is BEAUTIFUL!  Bright colors and fun fabrics just make me soooooo Happy! I'd rather spend more on quality gorgeous fabric and make less  than pass up beauty's like these.  I'm sooo bummed that the fun orange fabric is only enough to make 2 dresses.  I am LOVING this fabric. SO I guess it will just be a limited edition of the Brooke since there is no way to get more, which was very sad news for me :(

How cute will these dresses be!!!!! My samples of the Brooke should be done by next week so hopefully I can get them on Etsy soon-YAY!

I also got a sneak peek of the Erin this week and it is coming along nicely.  The only hang up-the ruffles-why is that the story of my life.  Ruffles are just so hard to get perfect!