I Hear Wedding Bells

Mac and I got married on 9/2/2006 in South Carolina on Daufuskie Island.  I could not have asked for a more perfect day or weekend!

It was important for me to share this day with those I love and have fun!

Here were some of my leading ladies.  I had 10 bridesmaids, but didn't have a pic of all 10 ladies on my computer.  As you can tell I have always loved the color aqua, although the dresses don't look their true colors against this bright background.  

 The venue was filled with my favorite flowers, Orchids and Star Gazer Lilly's and the weather was beautiful (We got very lucky.)  I even wore Orchids in my hair in a low bun.

BUT-despite my dream weekend, there is still one problem!  Because we got married outside, our wedding has never been recognized in the eyes of the church.  I have always been a very religious and spiritual person and promised my father that before our 5th year anniversary Mac and I would get married again in the church.  Can you believe that this year makes 5 years??????? Whoa the time went fast!

So last week Mac and I met with the priest at St. Bridget's to make arrangements for our 2nd wedding! I know sounds ridic, but that is the story of my life.  This wedding will be very very small and my dream is to hold the ceremony at Smith Mountain Lake in the Church that I grew up going to with my grandparents.  Still working out those logistics.

As excited as I am to re-marry my husband now I need to start planning.  My next thought was-I need a dress!  So I am thinking about  The Annapolis in all white with pink shoes, a pink pashmina, and over sized pearls. I guess I'm destine to wear a tiered dress at my weddings.

Can you see the vision?  I'll keep you posted on what's to come!

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