Caught in The Moment

So for those of you who know Mac, you know he was insistent that we were NOT getting a dog.  "They are too much work, I'm allergic, and they are expensive"-he insisted.  To purchase Lucile, I had to sell my soul, sign a contract, and promise to let him golf as much as he wants.

So when I capture moments like these I get very excited.  I think even Mac is surprised by how much he has bonded with Lucile and just adores her.

 Do worry I took care of the allergic part and purchased a hypoallergenic dog :) I'm such a thinker.

It turns out Lucile is a bit needy and was too lonely at home alone all day.  I knew what Mac's reaction would be to getting a second dog soooooooo-one day when he went golfing, which was part of the contract, I went to the SPCA!  Don't worry I brought my mother in-law so I couldn't get in too much trouble! Let's just say when Mac got home and found Leonard in the front yard there were some choice words.  However...........

The end result is clear!  He's such a softy at heart.  And there is no denying that this is quite the COUPLE!

I think it's absolutely true that.......

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