Fabric for The Brooke

Yes, Yes I have purchased my fabric for the Brooke and it is BEAUTIFUL!  Bright colors and fun fabrics just make me soooooo Happy! I'd rather spend more on quality gorgeous fabric and make less  than pass up beauty's like these.  I'm sooo bummed that the fun orange fabric is only enough to make 2 dresses.  I am LOVING this fabric. SO I guess it will just be a limited edition of the Brooke since there is no way to get more, which was very sad news for me :(

How cute will these dresses be!!!!! My samples of the Brooke should be done by next week so hopefully I can get them on Etsy soon-YAY!

I also got a sneak peek of the Erin this week and it is coming along nicely.  The only hang up-the ruffles-why is that the story of my life.  Ruffles are just so hard to get perfect!


  1. YAY - how exciting Kara. This is all coming together so fast. Looking forward to seeing the finishing products :)

  2. Can't wait to get these puppies on Etsy!