Almost Swimsuit Season

Swimsuit season is almost upon us and of course that means looking for the cutest one pieces.  Yes, I did say one piece.  Some friends think I am crazy bc I only wear one pieces, but you always have to dress for your body type, even at the pool.  Believe me ladies if I had an amazing midsection I would see no reason to hide it.  The only reason you think I do not have a problem area is because you have never actually seen it!  That's one of the best pieces of advice I can give!  Dress for your body type.  It literally makes you look pounds lighter.

So back to the one pieces.  The best places to look for a cute one piece, which can be hard to find are Nordstrom, South Moon Under, any Lilly P store, Saks, and believe it or not, I have even gotten a cute one piece Bandeau at Newport News (I know it sounds ridic but it's actually my favorite suite.) Obviously J Crew has adorable one pieces, but the don't fit me right unfortunately.  Maybe I will try one again this year, but I've never had any luck in years past.

Here are some that I am looking at for this season.......

I don't care for black especially in the summer, but I do love Juicy suits and Ruffles!  So I'm hoping this suit will make it's debut in another color.  It can be found at Nordstrom Online

 Marc Jacobs

This suit is certainly unique so it has some potential.  This version can be found at South Moon Under, but it's also sold in solids on Bluefly.  Thus far I prefer the solid version, but wanted to share this pic to spice things up. 

Trina Turk
This is my fav so far!  Love the bright and cheery colors for summer! This screams tropical get away.  Maybe for our Puerto Rico Trip next month??

I've also always wanted a Burberry suit, but it looks like they are sold out this year.  I'll keep looking and post when I find one, but for all you fellow one piece wearers here's a good start.  I'm ready for summer!

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