On the Search for a Spring Purse

So I have a tan leather bag that I bought from Elaine Turner 6 years ago and I still LOVE IT!  But it's getting worn, and it's time for a new spring bag.  I need something versatile that can go with Everything!
Obviously my budget is not what it used to be trying to start this little line of mine so I need something cute, but reasonable.

Let's weigh in to see what's out there.........

Well this Kate Spade is certainly a cutie!  But the pic won't let me enlarge it without becoming blurry so see the link.

It would definitely go with everything!

Here's another that I LOVE, BUT is it too seasonal?  I guess I would get a lot of good use out of it April through Early Sept.  I'm thinking about the color bone. Kate Spade must block you from copying pics!  But it's certainly a classic looking purse.

I could see this being a winner and the price is certainly right!  It's on SALE.  

Ok, onto Elaine Turner.  Metallic goes with everything, but I'm thinking I need a more tanish color????? Not sure?????  But this is certainly seasonless and could be worn year round.

Another Tan winner from Tory Burch.  I don't like a long strap, but it looks removable, right???

This Tory Burch Purse comes in light brown obviously, but if you order the Large Robinson Tote it comes in light brown, White, or Metallic.  So I'd have options.  Is the brown too far away from tan???? Maybe I need a lighter color?

Since I can never ever make up my mind!  Please weigh in and let me know your thoughts!  Remember we are going for classic, not trendy, can go with everything, durable, and can hopefully last me another 6 years!  I'm very practical at heart!

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