Over Memorial Day weekend all my immediate family rented a house at SML.  I have to say that Smith Mountain Lake is my favorite place in the Entire World!  I grew up spending weekends and summers there and it has become a very spiritual place for me.  I could not have asked for a better way to celebrate our church wedding than going to the Lake with my Husband, dogs, and both families.

The First day we rented a pontoon boat and the weather turned out to be perfect after the clouds cleared. Nothing is more fun than a pontoon boat with your favorite people, a cooler of drinks, and a picnic lunch.

My mom and I always seem to have the same color scheme in mind when getting dresses for the day.

                Lucile absolutely loved her first ride on a boat

                 And Leonard enjoyed his first swim in a Lake

We spent hours on the dock relaxing and reading

                        And enjoyed grilling in the evenings

                    Leonard even got a new nautical SML Outfit

It was the perfect way to celebrate Memorial Day Weekend and our renewed Vows

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  1. How fun! Love all of these nautical photos!