The Perfect Shirt!

So my friend MM and I have been chatting and it's been so hard to fit a cute shirt for this summer.  There are certainly cute shirts out there, but finding one in the color you need has been impossible for both of us!  This weekend is Mac's 30th Birthday-Big Deal! So I felt like I needed a cute shirt to wear with a white skirt!   AND TA DA!!!! I turned the Fair into a shirt.  Ruffle all the way around, and bow belt, it's only shortened.

Please excuse the picture.  I had just gotten out of the shower and was so excited I took the pic with no make-up and wet hair!

So my approach with this shirt is going to be different than my dresses!  If you're looking for the perfect shirt and can't find the right color------Email me the color combo you need and it can be made for you!  It can even be two toned!  What a great way for people to find the perfect shirt in the color they need! Oh yeah and the shirt will retail for 150.00  Who knew it cost almost as much to make a shirt as a dress-Crazy!

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