Sailing Adventure on The Caribe

My husband's family grew up in Key West and the majority of them continue to reside down in the keys.  They are a very fun adventurous family who love the water and boating.  This weekend Uncle Mike will sail from Key West to the Bahamas on The Caribe,  his beloved boat.   Mac and I were thrilled to get an invitation and are excited for the adventures to come.   The Exuma's are our destination.  Although I grew up boating it's been a long time since I have actually stayed on a boat for over a week.  I better get my sea legs ready! 

Have a fabulous 4th (it's one of my favorite Holidays) and I'm sure I'll have lots to blog about after our return.

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  1. wow, I am super envious of this... I would love to do this sometime! For one, I love the Keys, and I've always wanted to see some of the other islands besides KW and I would love, love to sail somewhere for a week! Have fun!