Happy 30th Birthday Mac

Today Mac turned 30!  So to celebrate Anne Taylor and I hosted a joint Birthday for Mac and Z's 30th on Sat!  Z's birthday was last Sunday!

We have such Amazing friends who traveled from Nebraska, New Orleans, and NYC to celebrate with us!  We even had a surprise guest-Newts and his wife and I was sooooo shocked that they came all the way from NOLA to surprise us that I started crying when they walked in! The BOYS had a wonderful a reunion!  Very special!

The Main Event was obviously Pool Volley Ball for those of you who know these boys that is no surprise!  It's literally their favorite activity in the entire world.

 The Winning Team!

Lucile was re-named Barbara Bush and it was sooooo fitting!  She does have a way about her that screams Barbara.

My dear Friend Wan-Lae came from NYC and it was so great to catch up!  These pictures say it all!

The God Fearing Snake Handlers performed (Yes the name is soooo random) however they were Amazing and I totally recommend them!! DW made his debut on the mike and sang while playing the mandolin in honor of Mac and Z.

We danced the night away and had a wonderful time!

                         Happy Birthday Mac and Z!!!!

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