Happy Halloween!

Last weekend Stony Point Fashion Park hosted a Doggie Halloween Parade for all the adorable local pups to show off their costumes.  I just love that Stony Point is dog friendly and pups are allowed in all the stores!  They even have water stations throughout the mall for them.  Leonard and Lucile had a wonderful time and although they did not have a costume, we all dressed in Halloween colors and enjoyed the show.  Mac refused to color coordinate with us Ha Ha! 

There were some interesting dog/owener costumes.  People were very creative.

 And very cute doggies costumes as well.

Leonard and Lucile made a lot of new friends

And we all had a wonderful time!  What did you all do for Halloween weekend?

First Holiday Market

After hours of setting up, my booth was finally complete.  I'd never had a booth for my line before so I definitely learned a lot and there was a lot of trial and error.

It was chilly outside so I sported the Nicole with Jeans and boots.

Tah Dah my first booth

The Madee displayed 

I was soooo glad that I brought my summer dresses as well.  Who knew people would be interested in ordering for summer?

Fall Collection
Madee's Market was a wonderful experience and I am excited for many more shows to come.  My next show will be at The Holiday Boutique at Westwood Club in Richmond on November 29th hosted by the Junior League.  If you live locally we'd love to see you.  The event is open to all!

Dancing In The Rain

Friday night of Madee's market was full of energy, excitement, and was very emotional as well.  A preview party was  held and during the party "Dancing In The Rain" was unveiled.  Unbeknown to me, Madee had a Bucket List and the very last item on her list was for her family to publish the book she had written during the course of her fight with cancer.   I am so excited to read it and was so touched by the evening.

The Sign beside her book was inspiring and is truly a message I took home!

Mac and I had the most wonderful evening with Madee's family, old friends, and the community of Staunton.  From my days of working in hospice I learned that the people who truly live and see life for what it is are those who are facing the realization that life will one day end.   Thanks for reminding me of the important message to "Dance In The Rain."

Madee's Market

I had such a wonderful time last weekend being a part of Madee's Market, spending time with a dear dear old friend, and selling dresses :)  The weekend far surpassed my expectations and I so enjoyed being back in the Blue Ridge Mountains.  They are one of my favorite places.

I am so excited to blog all about the weekend soon.  This week I am busy filling orders :)

Madee's Holiday Dress

The Madee~Holiday Dress is ready just in the nick of time for Madee's Market this weekend!  I am soooo excited to debut this dress in honor of Madee and to participate in such a wonderful event just a day away!  This Tartan dress will definitely bring out your Holiday Spirit this Winter Season.

Full Shirt with belt

Double Lawyer of Ruffles
Bow Detail in Back

I hope I'm ready!  Any last minute suggestions?  I've never had a booth before. 

McCarrick Holiday Shirt

The McCarrick Holiday Shirt is made of silk in a Tartan pattern perfect for any Holiday event!  I am so excited to debut it this Christmas Season and it's now available to be special ordered through my blog or facebook page!

Don't You Just Love The Holidays

Abby's Suit

I am so excited to have added a darling suit to my fall collection.   The Jacket and Skirt would look precious together or independently!  Abby's suit is named after Madee's sister in honor of Madee's Holiday Market next weekend!

Abby's Suit Jacket

Abby's suit skirt which is modeled after The Brooke. It would also be so cute in silks to wear to holiday events.

One Fabric Option for Abby's suit.  Abby's suit shown above is made out of 100% wool, but can also come in cotton or silk.

I couldn't resist owning this precious Jacket and ordered it for myself in Gray Wool to wear with black pants this winter.

What material would you choose for Abby's suit??????

Ledbury Party

We had a wonderful time celebrating the opening of Ledbury's new store.  It's in such a great location and I Loved the new building.  Richmond is full of old warehouses downtown that people are now turning into stores and condos.

Paul and Paul did a great job with the inside decor.

The evening was filled with cocktails, music, a preview of the new shirts, and enjoying time with great friends.

We found The Perfect Shirt for our Friend Jason.  He definitely needs it on his wish list.

Thanks for a great evening!  We are so excited about the new store!

Follow The Pink Brick Road

This looks like an event definitely worth the Trip!  For those of you in The D.C. /Maryland Area what a fun Event!

I am thinking I might have to make the journey!

The Fair in Houndstooth

The Fair is now available in a winter version!  It comes in Houndstooth and is ready to be special ordered!  I'm excited to show it off this winter.

The Front

The Back

The Fabric

The Fair is fully lined in black and can also be ordered in any color combo as the Nicole.

More Color Options For The Nicole

Here are pictures of the other color options for The Nicole.  The Nicole is fully lined and can be worn as a light weight jacket.  The Nicole will retail for 145.00

Brown and Cream Plaid lined in Brown

Navy and White Plaid lined in Navy

Black and White Plaid lined in Black

I ordered the Nicole in Navy, while my mom ordered it in Black.  It's just the perfect weight for a fall day.

Fall Shirt

A new Fall Shirt has arrived-The Nicole, named after Madee's middle name.  I'm soooooo excited to debut it at Madee's Holiday Market in Staunton October 22nd.  The Nicole is ready to be special ordered!  This shirt comes in Brown Plaid as pictured below, and also in Navy and White Plaid with a Navy Ruffle and Black and White Plaid with a Black Ruffle!

Most of my designs for Madee's Market will be named after Madee and her family members.

What do you think of The Nicole?

The Erin debuts at JMU

I was so excited to read Summer Wind's blog post about her weekend recap and see that she wore The Erin~Game Day Dress to JMU's homecoming weekend!  It was wonderful to see a debut of the first game day dress in my collection.  The Erin, The Fair, and The Elizabeth Anne can all be custom made in Game Day Colors for your Favorite Team!

Don't you just Love Football Season!

Madee's Holiday Market

 I've been working with Nico and Lala to get ready for my fall trunk show in Staunton, Virginia.  Madee's Holiday Market will be held October 22nd and I am so excited to be a part of it!  The Madee Project, is a non profit foundation that provides support to pediatric cancer patients and their families.  The project also funds research in hopes of finding the cause and help to prevent pediatric cancers from reaching any other children.   I cannot wait to Debut my latest Design-THE MADEE and be a part of such a wonderful event!

Here's the sign and labels Nico and Lala designed.  What do you think?

Fall Posts

I was so honored last week to get an award from one of my favorite bloggers!  Carolina On My Mind who awarded me with the versatile blogger award.  Thanks!  You must check out her precious blog.

Part of the nomination is to name seven things about yourself.  So here they are-

1. Humor is what makes my world go round.  When people can make me laugh I instantly hit it off with them.

2. 30 was by far the best year of my life.  I am hoping 31 will be a good year, but nothing could top my 30th year.

3. I am a total homebody and prefer to cuddle up in my home than be anywhere else.

4. My favorite number is 33.

5. I have to say it!  I used to be a goth and love Marilyn Manson.  I have been to several of his concerts and met him several times.

6. I'm a school social worker and my have license to practice private therapy.

7.I I love watching my dogs sleep.  They snore really loud and look soooooo precious!

AND I got tagged on a post from Nautical By Nature- My Five Goals for Fall.

I just love fall and it is such an Amazing Season, especially in Virginia.   So my five goals for fall are-

1. To start working out again.  I have taken 2 years off because I have been so busy with my clothing line and I really want to walk at least 3 times a week this fall.

2.  I have a running goal that I hope to continue and it's to do one nice thing for somebody else every single day.  Try it!  It's hard!  Life is soooo busy and you really have to go out of your way to look for opportunities.  Some days fly by so fast I didn't even see the opportunity.

3. To go to church every weekend.  I've gotten out of the habit and want to go more regularly.

4. To designs some cute new fall dresses!  Summer dresses are sooooo much easier for me to design so I really need to put on my thinking cap and come up with some cute ones.

5. To practice more of my clinical skills through my LCSW.  I just ordered 2 book pertaining to clinical psychology and I hope to practice more of it in my daily work.

Happy Fall!  I hope you had a great weekend!