First Holiday Market

After hours of setting up, my booth was finally complete.  I'd never had a booth for my line before so I definitely learned a lot and there was a lot of trial and error.

It was chilly outside so I sported the Nicole with Jeans and boots.

Tah Dah my first booth

The Madee displayed 

I was soooo glad that I brought my summer dresses as well.  Who knew people would be interested in ordering for summer?

Fall Collection
Madee's Market was a wonderful experience and I am excited for many more shows to come.  My next show will be at The Holiday Boutique at Westwood Club in Richmond on November 29th hosted by the Junior League.  If you live locally we'd love to see you.  The event is open to all!


  1. Your booth looks fantastic! So glad it went well, and how exciting that you have avnother show lined up :)

  2. Oh my goodness the Madee is GORGEOUS!

  3. YAY! Everything looks great. I hope it was a success!