Time For The Holidays

I can not believe that today is the First Day of December! My My it has come quickly!  We have two holiday parties this weekend to kick of the season and I'm excited to wear my new winter designs!  I'm also excited to unpack all of the fun Christmas decor and turn the house into a Winter Wonderland!  Each year I collect Mackenzie Childs Christmas Tree Ornaments and our small tree is quickly growing.

I get so excited each year to check out the newest ornaments and have a few on my wish list for this Christmas!

Do you collect special ornaments for your tree?


  1. WOW! I love those ornaments! I buy a Lilly Pulitzer ball every year and try to buy an ornament from different places I visit. I'm like a little old lady who collects spoons, except with me, it's ornaments. That way, the tree tells a story of things I have done and places I have gone. xoxo

  2. Oh I love that!!!! I actually collect Lilly P ornaments for my god daughter Lily! I love the idea of having a Lilly tree for Lily!

  3. I can't believe it is already December! I collect nautical ornaments of course ;)