Thanks to Summer Wind

I was recently catching up on Summer Wind's blog posts and came across her blog titled The Madee.  I was so flattered to find this post that I wanted to share. She has the most precious blog and I've been so honored to be featured on it a few times!  Here's the post!

"Well, I was reading her blog the other day and just about died over the Madee dress. Seriously, it's perfection in dress form.

Isn't it the PERFECT holiday dress? I love plaid, I love red around Christmas time, I love ruffles and full skirts... I really just love everything about this dress!
There is even a bow in the back to complete this perfect little dress. I loved it so much I knew I couldn't keep it to myself."


You must check out her adorable blog!  I am looking forward to reading many more posts!

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