Monument Easter Parade

It was so fun to go to the Monument Easter parade with great friends!  Since my Easter Dress, The Elizabeth Anne was long sleeves and it was 90 degrees, I figured The Fair was the next best Dress for this event!

The Girls

                                            The Gents

 We all had our fav cocktails and I love that Amanda's matched her dress!  Sooo coordinated!

 Since I had given up bourbon for Lent-I had Makers on the Mind!

 All of the yards were filled with Easter Decor and everyone was dressed for the theme.  Even the dogs were decked in their Easter finest!

Lucile and I were feeling left out and borrowed some festive gear!

 I loved the Tutu wagon and Leonard wanted a ride!

By the end Leonard was exhausted and rolling around in sloshy mud puddles!  Classic!

It was a great Easter

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