Augusta 2011

Since 1934, The Masters has become an annual 'right of spring'. For millions of golf fans, it marks the real beginning of the professional golf season.

And this is no exception in our household.  This Thursday marks Mac's favorite weekend of the entire year!  This weekend rivals any other holiday or event in the Wilson abode.  

One of the most memorable moments in Mac's life was attending the Masters and he dreams of the day he will return to Augusta!  

Until then I will hear nonstop about The Masters for four full days, and will not be permitted to speak while it is on.   Mac will also pull out his favorite item from his wardrobe that only gets worn this time of year.

                                    THE GREEN JACKET!

This year  I insisted that we have a Masters Party so I can have fun and enjoy some company while the men are glued to the T.V.   Apparently the Wilson Fav's this year are Anthony Kim and Freddie Couples.

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