Super Sale

The Ainsley Suede Heel Boot by Elaine Turner is a must have!  

Not only is it unbelievable adorable, but it is also super comfy!  
Unfortunately when I bought them last October in the Houston Flagship store they were not on sale...but still worth every penny!  I have them in a dark chocolate brown, but my fellow Girlie seems to love them in putty!

These cuties are now almost half price!  
I highly recommend taking advantage if this awesome sale!  
They can be found on Elaine Turner's website!

Change of name!

Big news!

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Love, Kara

Fashion Love: Anne M. Cramer

How cute are these Skirts by Anne M. Cramer?! 

Love, Love, Love the bright colors!  

This could make for a very cute spring outfit. 
I'm getting on the waiting list, but the only dilemma-which color????  

spring 2011 
introducing......The Flynn Skirt*


Daily Inspirations

Last night we had a "Meeting of the Minds" and a few gals came over to help me brainstorm how to get my clothing line up and running.  One suggestion that came out of the meeting was "to start blogging."  I'm not sure how often this will happen, but I'm willing to give it a shot.  I think my starting point will be what inspires me on a daily basis so people can learn who is behind the brand.  Today I was flipping through pics from last year and came across some of my favorite moments of 2010. 


One trip in particular truly inspired me to be way more conscious of our environment.  This winter mantee's have been dying in startling numbers due to the change in climate.  Once you've spent a day with them it makes the news even more sad :(


My husband's father was raised in Key West-  not a bad place to go visit grandma, and I've have had some of my most memorable times there.  When this is your backyard it's easy to see why Grandma Tobby never left!  

Grandma Tobby!  The matriarch behind the wonderfully eclectic eight!

 The Canal-Tobby's backyard

Our new found friend-Henry
 Henry spent the day with us and loved Lettuce!  He couldn't get enough!

This is my fav! The capacity for love that animals have is amazing to me!

They certainly didn't mind if you caught a ride!

Animals and nature have always inspired me, but these amazing creatures taught me that if you don't take care of your environment they won't have a home and will no longer be able to come visit for a day! 


Can't wait to see you again this year Henry!

"The Priscilla" in action!

Do you remember "The Priscilla"


Here it is in action on New Year's Eve!

What do you think? 
We're still re-working some things and looking for suggestions.
It will be offered in pink, coral, and blue.

The Fair

I designed this dress for my 30th birthday.  It's a cotton pique wrap dress in pink and white; perfect for spring and summer. I wanted something sophisticated yet fun and flirty for the big occasion. It's named "Fair" because that is my family nickname. The dress also comes in navy with a white ruffle trim and blue and white seersucker with a white ruffle trim.  

This dress was inspired by all the things that I love.  The pink version is perfect for a birthday girl who is turning 30.  When I saw the pink fabric I thought of some of my favorites things such as star gazer lilies, pedicures with any color of pink polish, my pink running shoes, the assortment of pink I have collected in my wardrobe, and pink elephants, the symbol of the restaurant my grandfather owned in Cleveland Ohio, The Pink Elephant.  It would also be the perfect dress for a shower-bridal or baby, horse race, luncheon, walk through the park or girls day out!  Its versatile style makes it a classic.

The Navy version with a white ruffle was inspired by my love of the water!  I grew up going to the beach to stay on our family boat and to visit Smith Mountain lake to stay with my grandparents so I have always had a love for anything with a nautical theme.  I think the Navy version would look great with red accents.  These dresses would be perfect at a family BBQ at the lake or for a peaceful stroll down the beach.  I got married on an island in South Carolina and would even have had these dresses as bridesmaid dresses.  Anytime I am at the beach or on the river my heart is happy :)

These pictures are of the sample dress I had made. 
Thanks for looking!

The Priscilla

"The Priscilla" is named after my close friend, and sorority sister whom I met at Roanoke college. Like me, she loves ruffles, and all things pink. She would love to pair this dress with turquoise accessories!

Here is the back of the dress. 

The front is in the works and will have a ruffle scoop neck collar.  I'm still trying to find the best look, so let me know if you have any thoughts!

The Brooke

"The Brooke" is the pink dress I am wearing in this picture. It is made out of silk and was named after my best friend and fellow "girlie," Brooke, because of her love for pink and Eastern prints.

The back of "The Brooke."

The ruffle detail on the back.

The Lily

The Lily was created for my god daughter's baptism.  I wanted something I could wear in a church or to a shower for my god daughter. It is the pink and white striped dress below made out of silk dupioni with organza ruffles.