Girls Night Out

Last weekend Mac went down to Athens to go to the UGA Football Game so that gave me the opportunity to have a wonderful Girls Night Out!

Maymont Hosted a wine tasting and we had a lovely evening trying wines from all of the different vineyards!

By Far the BEST Vineyard Was Horton!  I am totally sold on their Pear and Blackberry Wine.  If you've never had their wine it is not something to miss!  We made friends with Barry and are already planning a trip to Gordonsville!

The girls with Barry

After our tastings we enjoyed a tour of the mansion.  Of course I was drawn to the tour guides in Costume.

This was my favorite bedroom!  What a bed!

Thanks ladies for a wonderful evening. I am already looking forward to our vineyard tour.  It looks like they have some fun events coming up!

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