Gallery On Green

While we were down in Key West a dear family friend, NF , who is an art dealer offered for us to stay at her house.   She was going to be traveling to Cuba for work and invited us to stay while she was away.   I wish I could blog about how stunning her house is because the artwork displayed throughout was absolutely incredible.

NF owns the Gallery On Green street in Key West and we were so excited to stop by and spend some time there.  The Gallery on Green "Curates an important collection of Key West art with an emphasis on works of historic importance and local charm, from 1934 to present day.  Gallery director Nance Frank brings tremendous personal commitment and enthusiasm for art and collectors.  The gallery seeks to satisfy both the casual art buyer and the established collector in the primary and secondary markets."

 Karen was very sweet to Welcome us to the Gallery since NF was out of town and showed us around.

So many talented artists were featured and I particularly loved the Cuban Art.  The bright vibrant colors are right up my alley.

A Richmond Artist Jeff  MacNelly was also featured and my mother in-law purchased a print.  It was definitely not as pricey as his sculptures though.

Here's a sculpture by a Cuban Artist, Fabelo.  It was such a unique piece.

 I loved the Diversity of the pieces displayed.

 And of Course there was a picture of NF's beloved dog, Seaborn.  Seaborn speaks several languages, but mainly responds to German.  I think Leonard could learn a few things from him :)

In the back of the studio I could tell how much hard work everyone puts into getting the pieces ready.

If you ever find your self in KW, Gallery On Green is a must see.  You can also follow their blog to find out about the artists, exhibitions, and publications.

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